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Pieces In The Valley


Being an icon is something I've always done effortlessly. Being complimented on my pieces and how I styled them made me feel amazing and I wanted to provide that same feeling to others.


 Initially, I wanted to be a buyer for some major accessories brands you might know. I soon came to the realization that I can bypass the middle man and provide clients with the same experience and unique unisex pieces I would be purchasing but I would have more control over the pieces chosen.

Thus, Pieces In The Valley was born.

When creating Pieces In The Valley the vision was to bring peace when shopping for clean, minimalist, unique pieces to the buyer. I handpick each piece you see available for purchase. This is the key element to providing such unique pieces. I partner with exclusive vendors located in the valley to ensure you are wearing something you won't see anyone else wearing. 

We all deserve to love our style, whatever it may be, and I am here for it all.

- Zantel

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